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Georges Pale The Precious Lamp

Georges Pale The Precious Lamp

€ 370,00 Normale prijs
€ 351,50Verkoopprijs

Georges' jewel light in its original format. The unexpected combination of brass, rattan and fabric in a floral and airy suspension.


With the simplicity of a drop-shaped petal, Pale adds a tribute to the retro ceiling fans of louvered bedrooms. This pendant light plays subtly with light, diffusing a soft light in the room and delicate play of shadows on the ceiling.

Its 8 adjustable petals allow you to compose your own play of lights and turn it into a unique luminaire. . This pendant plays subtly with light, diffusing soft clarity into the room and delicate shadow play on the ceiling. Its brass hoops give it a full diameter (these don't drop down into a corolla) and can be tiered, if you like, for a more contemporary version.


Please be aware that the petals will fall in time (depending on humidity / warmth etc.: count on a fall of about 25cm for the small and 40cm for the medium.


Once you order, the lamp will be sepcially produced for you, therefore you can't send the order return and once ordered it will take between 4 -6 weeks before it will arrive at your home.


  • Specifications

    Pale original has petals with a diameter 80cm flat.
    Size M has petals with aa diameter 120cm flat.


    Made to order. 

  • Why we chose this brand

    We adore this beautiful handmade lighting in France that's made with an autonomous approach in the heart of the Béarn countryside. Sourced locally, materials are chose with particular attention. Everything is handmade to order.

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