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Marie Stella Maris Luxurious Room Spray No.12 Objets d’Amsterdam

Marie Stella Maris Luxurious Room Spray No.12 Objets d’Amsterdam


Refreshing room spray to immediately create a fine and sparkling fragrance. Spray the fragrance for an immediate effect. Only a few sprays are needed to perfume every room in the house and make it smell like Huize Copes. With fragrance notes of green tea, citrus accords and sage, Objets d’Amsterdam is fresh yet warm.



  • Fragrance notes & ingredients

    Top: Lemon, bergamot, green tea, orange
    Heart: Sage, lavender, rose petals, Japanese camellia
    Base: Musk, amber, vanilla, wood

    Linalool, alpha-hexylcinnamic aldehyde, dipentene, 3,7-dimethyllocta-2,6-dien-1-ole, 1-(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydro-2,3,8,8- tetramethyl-2-naphthyl)ethan-1-one, dl- citronellol, nerol, citral, 2,4-dimethyl-3- cyclohexen-1-carboxaldehyde

  • How to use

    Spray to perfume the room immediately. Only a few sprays are needed.

  • Why we chose this brand

    Through their foundation, sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects are supported around the world including Uganda, Mozambique, Bangladesh and Tanzania. As a result, thousands of people have already gained sustainable access to clean water.

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