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Image by Visual Stories || Micheile

Our Neighborhood

A quiet but cosmopolitan residential neighborhood, the Archipelbuurt was once home to poet Louis Couperus and today houses the world-famous Peace Palace. Built in the 19th century, tall, grand buildings give way to both a bygone era and a contemporary, convenient way of living with many shops and restaurants nearby.

Just a stone's throw from the Willemspark,, the bustling city center and Scheveningen beach, it's easy to understand why locals choose to reside in the Archipelbuurt and why visitors always end up exploring over here.

Image by Visual Stories || Micheile
Image by Visual Stories || Micheile

Restaurants & Shops

The Archipelbuurt, also known as the 'Indies,' was once a popular place for East Indian expats to settle down, and today, boasts some of the best Indonesian cuisine in the city. But, we also love the slew of other cafes, restaurants, boutiques and pop-up shops around every corner in this hip neighborhood. Be sure to read our Journal for tips.

10-Minutes to the Beach

Our beautiful neighborhood was built in the 19th century, the same time as the nearby, man-made Scheveningse Bosje — or forest — which keeps the sea from eroding the city.  Thanks to Dutch ingenuity, we now have this beautiful neighborhood and quick access to the beach where you can picnic, explore the dunes or simply soak up the sun. 

Beautiful & Historic

While so many love the Archipelbuurt for its location, this neighborhood is a destination in itself. The 19th century Neo-Renaissance style makes for picturesque views everywhere you look. In fact, many people consider the nearby Surinamestraat to be the most beautiful street in all of The Hague, lined with chestnut trees and beautiful fascades. 

Local tips

In our Journal, we're letting you in on our favorite places in The Hague — from the best cafes and shopfronts to our favorite place to brunch.

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